Allow me to introduce myself

I figured it would be kinda important to do this, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Emilee, and I’m currently residing in Tampa, Florida. I’m a senior in high school and I’m just doing this to have some sort of diary of travels and my life in general. I’ve dabbled in film and I currently like to take photos and model from time to time. I have a few pages on Instagram, but my main one is on the link above.

I wanna be honest here, I’m just your normal state-of-the-art teenager just trying to pass high school and get into a good college. There’s drama, there’s stupidity, there’s immaturity of other people, to be honest, I’m just happy that it’s gonna be all over soon. I’m happy that in just a few months I’ll be somewhere else where no one gets upset about teams for a grade-wide water gun fight or who’s more stuck up and selfish than who.

Anyhoo, what I’ll be doing on this page will hopefully be controlled by my followers once there is a strong following. Right now, I have two trips coming up to Cincinnati,¬†Ohio for an internship at Xavier University in the film department. The other is to Las Vegas, NV, and Kanab, UT to visit the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, I will only be in Vegas for the night and I will be posting photos, videos, and blog posts throughout the whole trip. I’m really excited, and hopefully, it will get the ball rolling.

I’ve blogged in the past for school, but never for a personal gig. I did a project involving swing yoga whenI had to learn a new skill and present it at the end of the fall semester. It definitely was fun and I’m hopeful that I’ll do it again sometime.


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