Internships and Graduation

So, after months of anticipation, Senior Send Off came and went and now I’m in Cincinnati for my internship. I’ll be here for two weeks, spending time with my Aunt Debbie making films and shorts for Xavier University. Here, I’ll be doing interviews, filming commencement using VR technology (which is really exciting!), along with other miscellaneous projects that my aunt is doing.

When I got here yesterday, we ate at a deli and then went grocery shopping. After shopping, we went to her place where I got settled. For dinner, I just made some grilled cheeses and we watched Guardians of the Galaxy and other TV shows until we decided to go to bed. This morning was pretty chill. We got to the office where she gave me a tour, then we walked around the university finally getting lunch. Now, I’m just chilling here trying to find things to do to entertain me.

All in all, internships have gone pretty chill so far… nothing exciting yet. Will post tomorrow!



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